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The duality of AI: both a vector for, and a tool to fight against, fake news

The duality of artificial intelligence was the subject of much debate during the last meeting of the working group on freedom of expression, meeting at the premises of Hachette Livre, with much light being shed on the issue by two experts: Chine Labbe, Editor-in-Chief and VP of NewsGuard, a company specialized in rating the reliability of thousands of news and information websites, and Jean-Frédéric Farny, director general of Aday, a company offering media intelligence solutions, and President of Imatag, a digital watermarking solution.


These discussions opened up a number of leads for further thought and study at future meetings.

  • Assessment tools such as that proposed by NewsGuard enable accurately rating the reliability of news sources online;
  • Artificial intelligence is the best ally against the excesses of AI as it can be used to deal with mass phenomena or mark content in order to understand and limit the spread of misinformation;
  • Watermarking technologies, such as Imatag, to effectively authenticate content and prevent it from being manipulated, and to help restore users’ trust in online content;
  • Humans must remain at the heart of the process, because AI lacks either the nuance or the knowledge of humans.


Thanks to all of the thinkers in the working group. Let the discussions continue!


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