Second round of the regional elections in France: takeaways

The second round of the French regional elections went ahead yesterday, June 27th. In France, regional councils are elected every six years under a proportional voting list system, where the first list of the second round gets an absolute majority of councilors.

First round of the regional elections in France: takeways

The first round of the elections for the renewal of the members of the 18 regional councils (local governments mainly in charge of local economic development including digital transformation, higher education and research, transportation) was held yesterday, June 20th.

Best wishes for 2021

With 2020 having been such a peculiar year, marked by the global pandemic, we decided as a firm to support a cause that really resonates with us.

Second wave of Covid-19

We keep monitoring actively the measures taken by the Government and the European institutions to tackle the crisis. You can follow the adoption of Covid-19 related measures in France on our LinkedIn.

Results of the 2020 mayoral elections

The second round of the French mayoral elections took place Sunday, June 28th. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic,  the 2nd round was held more than three months after the first round instead of a regular electoral procedure with a one week delay between the two rounds.