Our Firm

SAMMAN's approach focuses on simplifying the issues at stake for its clients in order to come up with practical solutions and outcomes. Our expertise lays on:


We assist our clients in:

  • Understanding and managing the legal, political and institutional dimensions of their sector of activity at a local, national and international level;

  • Setting up strategies of Public/Private dialogue and optimizing the regulatory environment;

  • Handling legal organizational issues, the transactional side and the dispute resolution and litigation side of commercial agreements and matters.


Our team of lawyers and consultants have significant experience in the practice of law and/or of public affairs. Their combined specializations contribute to an integrated approach to the benefits of our clients.

Founding Partner of the firm, Thaima Samman brings her vision and combined expertise in the legal and institutional relations spheres, after 10 years at the head of the Legal and Public Affairs department of Microsoft.

Fanny Sachel, Lawyer and Managing Partner of the firm, brings 20 years of practice in civil and commercial advisory and litigation, to support the public affairs and regulatory team.

Our team of consultants is composed of Laurent Monjole, Director of Public Affairs, Marc Drevon, Lawyer and Legal Director, Anca Caruntu, Consultant in Public Affairs specialized in digital public policies at French and EU levels, Patrick Starkman, Consultant specialized in financial regulation, Marie-Hélène Morzadec, Public Affairs Consultant, Nordine Aoufi, Lawyer, Giulia Oliveau, Lawyer, and Boris Tachtchian, Antonin-Grond Samman and Pierre Cavelan who act as Public Affairs and Institutional Relations Managers.

Samman is the French representative of Fipra (www.fipra.com), a leading global network of senior public affairs advisers who advise on political and regulatory strategies at both the regional and national level in over 50 markets.

  • FranceParis France
    5-7, rue d’Aumale 75009 Tel: +33 1 83 62 39 80 Fax: +33 1 83 62 39 81
  • BrusselsBelgium Belgium
    Rue De La Loi, 227 1040 Tel: +32 2 318 87 70 Fax: +33 1 83 62 39 81

SAMMAN Law Firm belongs to a small circle of French law firms specialized in Public Affairs. Our Paris office coordinates and handles the cases at French and European level.

The Paris office responds to the needs of our client in various areas:

  • For their corporate affairs issues thanks to our Corporate Law division;

  • In their regulatory affairs strategies as well as processes;

  • Through the designing and the implementation of their public relations activities with various public and private decision-makers, at European, national and local level. The Firm provides a comprehensive analysis of the European state-of-play in the relevant fields before developing and implementing regulatory and public affairs strategies in cooperation with the Brussels office.

Based on its very strong knowledge of and experience with European institutions, our Brussels office provides clients with assistance and support in designing their institutional relations, government affairs and regulatory strategies in a way that integrates and reflects the European Union’s complexity. The services we can provide encompass a broad range of aspects related to various national and European strategies.

The firm has a very good knowledge and broad experience in the field of relations with the European Parliament and the Commission and also works with the National Representations. The firm is also involved in many of the discussions underway regarding legislative texts and communications prepared by the different institutions.