The May 2014 European Elections - Analysis

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Find below our analysis of the European elections which took place on 22-25 May 2014 and their potential consequences on the EU institutions and policies, in particular from France's viewpoint.

First European Parliament elections since the reform introduced by the Lisbon Treaty, supposed to, at least formally, weigh on the determination of the next President of the European Commission, the May 2014 elections were viewed with all the more anxiety that they were the subject of relatively alarmist projections in terms of participation and results. In the end, the total participation, while still very weak, knows a small increase, and the progression of eurosceptic parties is rather limited, except in a few countries such as the UK and France. The future of the EU construction and policies, but also the sphere of infuence of France in Europe, will however depend on the capacity of the institutions to regain the trust of the people and a sufficient margin of maneuver.


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