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GDPR at a glance

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), entering into force on May 25th, 2018, replaces a 1995 EU Directive on data protection. Based on its expertise on privacy and data protection Cabinet SAMMAN has been appointed by several business organizations to work and be part of the dialogue on the GDPR implementation process with supervisory authorities and other public officials. Please find below a recap of the main elements of the GDPR.

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Results of the French Parliament Elections

The elections that took place yesterday renewed the 577 seats of the most important chamber of the French Parliament, the National Assembly. President Macron's party, La République En Marche (LREM) and its ally, the Modem party, ensured a solid majority with 350 seats, representing 60% of the Assembly. This should allow the new President to adopt his forthcoming reforms. More details on the new composition of the National Assembly and what it means below.

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Priorities of the Maltese Presidency of the European Union (EU)

On January 1st 2017, Malta took over the rotating Presidency of the European Council, third in the EU Presidency Trio after the Netherlands (January – June 2016) and Slovakia (July – December 2016). More details on Malta's key priorities - finance, digital, telecoms, and energy - in our article below. 

File to download Maltese EU presidency_EN.pdf

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Brexit Insight n°2 - Decision Time

Four months after the “Brexit” vote, and while the various protagonists are starting to position themselves in view of the negotiations, we would like to share once again our analysis of the situation.

File to download Brexit Insight n.2 - Decision time - November 2016.pdf

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BEREC’s guidelines on net neutrality

BEREC, the EU body gathering national telecom regulators, published its guidelines on the implementation of Net Neutrality, aiming to guide NRAs in their application of EU regulation 2015/2120 on net neutrality. Our recap below, including stakeholders' reactions and next steps.

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EU Commission rules Ireland must recover €13bn from Apple

On August 30th, the European Commission decided that the tax arrangements granted by Ireland to Apple amount to a State Aid and therefore sentenced Ireland to recover up to €13bn from the US company. Our recap of the case.

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Brexit: What now?

Our analysis of the potential implications and next steps following the UK referendum in favor of an exit from the EU, with a presentation of the applicable legal framework, the current state of the political positions and a specific focus on two sectors which could be particulalry impacted: digital sector and financial services.

File to download Brexit What now - SAMMAN VEng.pdf

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ESMA Work Priorities for 2016

ESMA has updated its Work Programme for 2016 to include its role in the CMU implementation, and issued two dedicated Programmes for its Regulatory and Supervisory Works.

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France attractiveness in 2015: Business France Scoreboard

Business France, the agency in charge of accompanying foreign investments in France and French companie's investment abroad, published a Scoreboard with an overview of France’s principal elements of attractiveness and their comparison with other countries.

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The Housing sector : ready for the digital revolution ?

Our presentation (in french) of the new technologies being currently developed and deployed in the French housing sector, the expectations surrounding them, and the public authorities’ measures to encourage their use.

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Five President’s report for strengthening Europe’s Economic and Monetary Union

The five presidents – Jean-Claude Juncker (European Commission), Donald Tusk (European Council), Jeroen Dijsselbloem (Eurogroup), Mario Draghi (European Central Bank), Martin Schulz (European Parliament) have released on June 22 their plan on how to deepen and complete the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU) by 2025 at the latest.

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The limitation of greenhouse gas in housing : a way to restore balance to the existing thermal regulation

Article (in French) by Thaima Samman and Antoine Vitela on the taking into account, as of 2018, of greenhouse gas emissions in the evaluation of buildings' energy performance, published on the website of the association “Equilibres des Energies”.

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EU Council - Program of the Latvian Presidency

From January 1st to June 30th, Latvia takes its turn at the EU Council Presidency, following Italy and before handing over to Luxemburg next summer. The program below highlights Latvia's strategic priorities for these 6 months: a competitive, digital and engaged Europe, and outlines the main ongoing dossiers in each sector.

File to download Latvian Presidency of the EU Council - Program.pdf

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Bill on Energy Transition: Ambitions vs Means

For the Association "Equilibre des Energies", Thaima Samman and Antoine Vitela analyse the Bill of Law on Energy Transition for Green Growth currently examined by the French Parliament, in particular the provisions regarding buildings' energy renovation, as adopted by the National Assembly in October 2014 (Article in French).