SAMMAN dans le Morning Exchange de POLITICO

Média Média

Nous sommes fiers qu'un extrait de notre analyse sur les conséquences du vote Brexit ait été mentionné dans le Morning Exchange de POLITICO.

Voici l'extrait (voir le lien ci-dessous vers le texte complet du Morning Exchange):

"BREXODUS OR BRHUMILIATION? That is the unpalatable choice facing thousands of British citizens working in EU institutions as Brexit looms. The well-connected law firm Samman has the bad news in its latest memo to clients.

“The European Commission had indicated (unofficially) prior to the vote that it would keep on U.K. civil servants but would no longer promote U.K. nationals to the level of director and above. The contracts of seconded national experts (SNEs) and temporary agents who are U.K. nationals, who form a large pool within DG FISMA for example, are unlikely to be renewed at the end of their initial period (1 or 2 years maximum for SNEs). The status and compensation of civil servants and former civil servants from the U.K. should in fact also logically be included in the exit negotiations.

“The permanent representation of the U.K. with European institutions and U.K. officials will lose their accreditations and access rights to EU institutions.” The Commission declined to comment."