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President Macron presents the French EU Presidency priorities before the European Parliament

President Macron presents the French EU Presidency priorities before the European Parliament

On Wednesday January 19th, Emmanuel expanded on the French EU Presidency priorities before the European Parliament. Broadly speaking, President Macron advocated for European values and sovereignty, together with regaining citizens’ trust in the EU.


Photo par France Diplomatie


Key takeaways by sector:

#Digital ➡ The adoption of two major initiatives, the Digital Markets Act and the Digital Services Act, should lead to a Single Market based on fair competition and innovation, simplified rules & greater protections against online disinformation.

#GreenDeal ➡ The FPEU will drive initiatives for the batteries and hydrogen sectors to transform value chains, a pioneering legislation fighting against imported deforestation & push for addressing climate change through trade agreements.

#Finance➡ The EU will need to go further after adopting its post-Covid-19 recovery plan, one of the core elements of its sovereignty.

#Health ➡ In fighting the Covid-19 pandemic globally, the EU needs to address technology transfer & remunerate innovation fairly.

#Social ➡ The FPEU will focus on the initiatives aiming to increase the minimum wage across the EU, to improve platform workers’ rights and to ensure gender equality & fair remuneration at work.

On a more political note, Macron also called to enshrine the right to abortion into the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, in the context of the election of the new European Parliament President who has the reputation to be rather conservative on this matter, but also of the upcoming French presidential election.

Full discussion:



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