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Freedom of expression and automatic moderation of online content

Freedom of expression and automatic moderation of online content: aligning legal requirements with the technical state of the art

Last week, the working group “Reaffirming freedom of expression” continued its work by inviting Camilla Penzo, computer vision specialist at the Digital Regulation Expertise Unit (PEReN). Their rich discussion revolved around key questions:

  • The challenges raised by technology tools and artificial intelligence for freedom of expression ;
  • Access to platform data by researchers and the rules under the Digital Services Act;
  • PEReN’s role in digital regulation in France and its influence in Europe.

Our thanks to all of the thinkers making up this working group: Pascal Beauvais, Thaima Samman, David Lacombled, La villa Numeris, Justine Atlan, Valérie-Laure Benabou, Agathe Cagé, Patricia Céspedes Arteaga, François-Xavier Farasse, François Lhemery, Giuseppe de Martino, Barbara Moyersoen, Sylvain Platevoet, Cartooning for Peace, Arnaud Robert, Maxime Seno, Laure Simoes, Dominique Sopo, Laurent Stalla-Bourdillon, Corinne Thierache, Benjamin de Vanssay, Nicolas Vignolles and Julien Villedieu.


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