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Snap Elections Ahead: Macron’s Response to EU Elections in France

Although the EU election results were not surprising, with the party of the presidential majority coming in second, far behind the far-right RN, French President Emmanuel Macron decided to dissolve the National Assembly (lower house of Parliament) and call for snap elections. This entails the holding of the first round of legislative elections on June […]

AI Act to be approved by member-state ambassadors this Friday

The German government’s announcement of its support for the compromise reached between Parliament and Council negotiators on the AI Act should pave the way for its adoption by the Council of the EU. The European Parliament is expected to vote in mid-February. Our team in Brussels went through the text of the final agreement and shared with […]

New Year’s Get-Together, Cartooning for Peace Exhibition on Freedom of Expression

Thursday, January 11, 2024 Freedom of expression Thank you for coming in such large numbers to our New Year’s Get-Together event, co-organized with La villa numeris at the Hôtel de l’Industrie, to admire the inspiring press cartoons of the Cartooning for Peace association, an international network of cartoonists. We had the opportunity to listen to […]

EU lawmakers strike provisional deal on AI Act, but challenges lie ahead

Europe takes a step towards regulating Artificial Intelligence with the political agreement on the AI Act

Will the technical discussions reach an end before the EU elections?   The last and final round of interinstitutional negotiations faced intense scrutiny and attention over the past few days. Negotiators have been celebrating what they describe as a “historic deal” that will make Europe “the best place in the world to develop artificial intelligence”, […]

JONUM: game over or game on?

JONUM: game over or game on? Games with Monetizable Digital Objects (JONUM) might finally see the light of day this week with the passage of the bill to secure and regulate the digital space (SREN) in the National Assembly. If so, this will shake up the gambling and video game sectors.   Support for the […]

Freedom of expression and automatic moderation of online content

Freedom of expression and automatic moderation of online content: aligning legal requirements with the technical state of the art Last week, the working group “Reaffirming freedom of expression” continued its work by inviting Camilla Penzo, computer vision specialist at the Digital Regulation Expertise Unit (PEReN). Their rich discussion revolved around key questions: The challenges raised […]

Freedom of expression in the digital jungle

This Friday, June 16th, the first discussions in the “Reaffirming freedom of expression” working group, spearheaded by La Villa Numeris, Prof. Pascal Beauvais and SAMMAN Law & Corporate Affairs, which brought together academics, lawyers, association representatives and others, focused on ways of reconciling freedom of expression and the rule of law in the digital age. […]

Éclairage Public with Alain Bauer : Security, cyber, war: How to address threats?

May 22nd, 2023 Fascinating discussion with Professor at Cnam (Conservatoire national des arts et métiers) Alain BAUER as our guest speaker at a breakfast meeting at Cabinet SAMMAN to talk about security in all of its facets. Below were some of the salient points: The #cyber issue is assimilated – wrongly – to an issue […]