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EU Digital Agenda

EU Digital Agenda

These last five years have been busy for digital stakeholders in Europe. The Juncker’s Commission presented no less than 38 initiatives, of which 23 were legislative proposals, in the fields of data protection, cybersecurity, audiovisual, copyright and platforms, to name only the highlights. Most of the initiatives were adopted, but there is hard work left on the funding of digital infrastructure and innovation, on e-privacy, on keeping the internet cleaner and safer.

On this foundation, the next 5 years will spell success and survival or relative decline for European digital ambition.

President-elect of the European Commission Ursula Von der Leyen has set herself 4 key tests: technological sovereignty, global innovation leadership, digital democracy rather than fake news, and digital for sustainable outcomes. In the short-term, the incoming College of Commissioners must propose a framework for the governance of artificial intelligence (AI).

Much will turn on whether Europe applies its ingenuity to the challenges. France, Germany and other Member States are calling for careful intervention and new (softer, more participative) governance tools. Working at speed in a new party balance within the European Parliament, Commissioners will need more help than ever to steer the best course for Europe.

Have a look at our FIPRA/SAMMAN Law & Corporate Affairs snapshot of the EU Digital Agenda below.

File to downloadFIPRA Digital Practice_Snapshot EU Digital Agenda_191104.pdf


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