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Freedom of expression in the digital jungle

This Friday, June 16th, the first discussions in the “Reaffirming freedom of expression” working group, spearheaded by La Villa Numeris, Prof. Pascal Beauvais and SAMMAN Law & Corporate Affairs, which brought together academics, lawyers, association representatives and others, focused on ways of reconciling freedom of expression and the rule of law in the digital age.

➡ It the law really the only solution to the issues posed by freedom of expression in the digital world?

➡ Is the justice system the only answer to cyberbullying?

➡ What role do algorithms and humans play in cybercrime management?

➡ What are the responsibilities of online platforms?

Thanks to Justine Atlan, Valérie Laure Benabou, Agathe Cagé, Giuseppe de Martino, François-Xavier Farasse, David Lacombled, François Lhemery, Arnaud Robert, Farah Safi, Thaima Samman, Maxime Seno, Dominique Sopo, Laurent Stalla-Bourdillon, Corinne Thiérache, Nicolas Vignolles, Julien Villedieu, and Benjamin de Vanssay & Patricia Céspedes Arteaga from the SAMMAN team.


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