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The working group on “Reaffirming freedom of expression” is continuing to dive into the topic

How can freedom of expression be balanced against other fundamental rights and freedoms? How can we rethink the legal limits to freedom of expression in today’s normative and informational magma?

The working group on “Reaffirming freedom of expression” is continuing to explore these subjects. At our last meeting, Profs. Pascal Beauvais and Farah Safi went over the fundamentals of freedom of expression and provided an overview of how this freedom has evolved in our democratic society.

➡ To what extent should the protection of certain interests prevail over freedom of expression?

➡ Should we, in the name of tolerance and pluralism, extend or restrict the right to free speech to all opinions, including those that may offend?

➡ Should we prioritize decision making on a case-by-case basis, for example when freedom of expression is in the public interest? Is it dangerous to leave it up to judges to decide?

➡ What about big digital operators who come up with soft law rules that are a blend of hard law and private interests?

➡ While freedom of expression should not cause harm to others, should we base ourselves on the discomfort experienced by victims to further curtail freedom of expression?

With Cartooning for Peace the group of thinkers has just gotten bigger (and funnier).

Justine Atlan, Agathe Cagé, David Lacombled, Thaima Samman, François Lhemery, Maxime Seno, Dominique Sopo, Barbara Moyersoen, Sylvain Platevoet, Laure Simoes, Corinne Thiérache, Valérie-Laure Benabou, Giuseppe de Martino, François-Xavier Farasse, Arnaud Robert, Laurent Stalla-Bourdillon, Nicolas Vignolles, Julien Villedieu and Benjamin de Vanssay & Patricia Céspedes Arteaga from the SAMMAN team.


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