2nd round of French legislative elections

Short analysis on the outcome of the legislative elections with ended tonight, June 19th, one with a historically low voter turnout for a French election (46%) and giving rise to an unprecedented period of uncertainty, with no clear majority emerging at the National Assembly.

Appointment of the new Government

As per the French rules after a presidential election, a (provisional) government has been named on May 22nd. The reelected President took his time to appoint a new Prime Minister and even more time to appoint a new Government compared to the tradition, playing a kind of continuity with his previous presidency.

French Data Protection Authority deliberation relating to Monsanto Company

In a deliberation dated 26 July relating to MONSANTO COMPANY, the French data protection authority confirmed – and this is good news – that personal data processing that consists of collecting information for the purpose of identifying influential individuals to whom a company would like to promote its interests can be, subject to certain conditions, carried out on the basis of the legitimate interest pursued by the data controller.