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AI Act to be approved by member-state ambassadors this Friday

The German government’s announcement of its support for the compromise reached between Parliament and Council negotiators on the AI Act should pave the way for its adoption by the Council of the EU. The European Parliament is expected to vote in mid-February. Our team in Brussels went through the text of the final agreement and shared with […]

EU lawmakers strike provisional deal on AI Act, but challenges lie ahead

Europe takes a step towards regulating Artificial Intelligence with the political agreement on the AI Act

Will the technical discussions reach an end before the EU elections?   The last and final round of interinstitutional negotiations faced intense scrutiny and attention over the past few days. Negotiators have been celebrating what they describe as a “historic deal” that will make Europe “the best place in the world to develop artificial intelligence”, […]

2nd round of French legislative elections

Short analysis on the outcome of the legislative elections with ended tonight, June 19th, one with a historically low voter turnout for a French election (46%) and giving rise to an unprecedented period of uncertainty, with no clear majority emerging at the National Assembly.

Appointment of the new Government

As per the French rules after a presidential election, a (provisional) government has been named on May 22nd. The reelected President took his time to appoint a new Prime Minister and even more time to appoint a new Government compared to the tradition, playing a kind of continuity with his previous presidency.